Yesterday I went to see a rehab facility.  I spent a little time there and talked to one of the people in charge. He himself used to be an addict and used to be a patient there. It was a ok. There are only 7 bedrooms, a couple of small communal rooms and a big kitchen as well as staff facilities. Everything about it was welcoming. The only thing that really freaks me out is the average length treatment. It’s 3 to 6 months! I can’t imagine being apart from my baby and away from my home for that long. Even 3 months.

There are visiting times at weekends but still. If there’s one thing that will make me want to pack it in it will be homesickness and missing Fable. I feel trapped. I’m not against rehab, I know I need it and all of me wants to be better. Rob basically spelled it out to me – don’t go to rehab and lose your family and home anyway.

Ty’n Rodyn / Cais




6 thoughts on “Rehab

  1. As hard as it may be you really have no choice. There is a famous sportsman in our city. He got caught up in drugs and went from being a sporting hero to a meth addict. He was sacked from his club. He is constantly in the news and not for good reasons. He has been arrested numerous times whilst in the midst of psychotic episodes that have caused trouble. Every time he faced the judge he promised he would try harder, get help so he was given another chance. Last month the judge had enough. He sent him to jail for twelve months. He had so many opportunities to get good help but didn’t. He leaves two young children without a father for the next twelve months. I hope he gets clean in jail but I have huge doubts.
    You are being given a second chance. You can spend three or six months in rehab or continue going the way you are currently and risk losing everything. As hard as it may be I think the outcome will be worth it.


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