Saturday fluff

Wow! I feel SO much better today than I have all week. I wonder if it’s connected to my finishing the course of  antibiotics I was taking yesterday morning? It hadn’t occurred to me that they might have an effect on my mood. I felt so flat on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s scary how quickly a period of depression can descend and how fast it clouds your mind.

Well…  I wrote that previous paragraph yesterday. Just before my laptop ran out of juice. I it on charge and the day ran away with me I guess? I did feel way more high energy and emotionally, despite everything that’s been going on, I felt upbeat.

Yesterday I was in the mood to blog. Today, I’m not. I feel a bit tired. I haven’t read much more of the book I’m reading on the 12 steps, so have no new insights. I need to get back to it but I got deep into the Stephen King I was also reading and finished that yesterday. I’ve promised Rob an hour a day of some kind of self-help reading.

I have a few screenshots on writing an inventory (step4) that I want to record so here they are.



2 thoughts on “Saturday fluff

  1. I love Stephen King!
    I love murder mysteries!
    I am glad you feel better.
    I had to look at myself honesty, which was very hard.
    I realized I can be selfish at times, especially when I was drinking.
    I realized I was more negative than I thought, too!

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  2. I find listening to self help books on Audible much easier. I either paint whilst listening or put them on before sleeping. Sometimes the subject matter is difficult to absord but by listening to someone else reading it makes it much easier.


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