The weather changed and so did my sunny mood.

Yesterday morning Fable and I had our breakfast in the garden. We were wrapped up in socks and cardigans but it felt so good to start the day with the sun on my face, drinking hot tea. Fable had spent most of the previous day pottering around in the fresh air and to be outside again, well it felt like a new beginning. A fresh start. Yesterday I knew I had to stay at home all day. We have no spare cash until pay day and Rob had to go into work so I had no transport to pop into town but it didn’t matter to me at all. I felt relaxed and looked forward to spending the day with my baby, reading, listening to the radio and playing in the garden.


Then it rained.

And it was still raining this morning. And today kinda sucked. I just felt bummed out and negative about everything. And no matter how many times Rob tells me I can talk to him and be open about how I feel, I feel like when I have a day like this he goes all out to disagree with every statement I make. I think it’s his problem-solving attitude but FUCK, sometimes I just want him to agree with me! (You know, like a woman would!!)

Yeh, I’m going a bit stir-crazy too. I totally understand why you want to get out a few hours.

Ooh yes!! If we won the lottery it would be f’kin amazing! I’d book us a holiday right away!

I agree, there’s nothing nice to eat in the fridge.


You have a nice home. You need to work on that urge to get out of the house. Meditate.

I’ve had money. I’ve had no money. It doesn’t make much difference to your happiness.

There’s beetroot in the fridge.

I know he’s just trying to help. I know I’m just having an off day. I probably need to spend more time agreeable female friends who know by saying YES when you moan about your current situation or fantasize about future, it means you get it out of your system, put the subject to bed and usually feel much better.

Today sucksYUP!

I’m not in the mood to cook.  – ME NEITHER. I’M GOING TO GET TAKE-OUT.

My kid is doing my head inSAME. I’M PUTTING HER TO BED EARLY TONIGHT.

OK, great seeing you. I’ve had a great time.. BYE 🙂 🙂


Can you tell I’ve got it on me today??

(Rob I love you)



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