Today’s snippets

Finished the chapter on Step 3 today in A Woman’s Way Through The 12 Steps. Thinking a lot about a higher power, spirituality, surrender and willingness to+for change.

I felt so much relief when I surrendered to the notion that I could no longer care full time for Sonny. I had fought for so long to maintain control over a situation which had been spiralling out of control. I was in utter turmoil until I accepted the situation and let go.

I liken my addiction to this. However, in the situation with Sonny other adult humans took over. There were other people to hand-over to. So I’m still mulling over this but I feel like I’m learning. 🙂












5 thoughts on “Today’s snippets

  1. Until I could really let go and believe in the possibility that there was something greater, something universal, supernatural, I couldn’t stay clean. I have found it is there, to give my weakness to, and ask for the strength to get through this moment, what you call it is of no consequence, it is the same, the words and names are the obstacles to finding it. In my experience.
    Sounds as though you’re doing exactly what you need to do for yourself


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