I’m feeling discouraged. I’m trying to write everyday but the past few, it’s more a case of forcing myself. I’m boring myself so I must be boring anyone who makes the effort to read what I write. My words feel flat and beige.

Maybe writing a publishable blog post daily is over-reaching? I can still write for 10 minutes a day without it being fit for public consumption.

I’m sitting here, looking at the words on the screen and just feeling more and irritated by my lacking. I feel so deeply, why can’t I express it eloquently?


Tomorrow my eldest son is running a half marathon near me. I can’t wait to see him. My 6ft 1 baby.



4 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. I love your writing. It is a journey remember, some parts are more interesting than others but it all adds up. I only write when I feel there is something I want to say which may only be once or twice a week but there is no right or wrong. Do what your heart says xx

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