It’s Friday and I’m ready to sing

I signed on for Jobseeker’s Allowance today. I didn’t get an interview for the 2 jobs I applied for the other week. That’s ok. I was expecting that.

I don’t feel like writing much to be honest. It’s been an ok today (which is always a good thing). No intrusive thoughts. I had anxiety this morning before my JSA appointment which made me snappy and irritable but I had a word with myself. I recognised my feelings.

The only out of the ordinary thing for me today was my desire to consume sugar. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth so when I have a day like this, I notice it. I bought a Ripple bar and a can of Dr. Pepper in town which is not like me.  I’m not about to start berating myself for a treat like that. I can’t remember the last time I drank any full-sugar drink and I shared a little of my chocolate bar with Rob. OH SHIT, I forgot! I made American Style pancakes too as we missed pancake day earlier in the week. With butter and maple syrup. Oh well…I guess I had a massive cheat TREAT day.

I do feel really lethargic and uninspired now – hence this fascinating blog.

Yeh, I’m done for today. I can not think of anything interesting worth writing. ZZZZZ

Oh hold up! On Radio 6 this morning they devoted the whole morning to 1994. Flashback city. I danced my little butt off with Fable.

This came on and it made me smile, hard. I have probably sang the opening lyrics to this song at some point during every Friday of my life.

It’s Friday
and I’m ready to sing pick up my girls
And hit the party scene
Tonight oh oh it’s alright umm
So get up and let this funky mellow grove get
You in the mood cause you
Know it’s alright

Maybe not the most banging tune that was played this morning but it made me feel happy.


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