Storm Doris is whipping up a gale outside. I wanted to go out today with the baby as Rob is going into the office which is a rare occurrence. Only I can’t. It’s too awful out there. I don’t have a car so would have to wait on buses and window shopping would not be pleasant in gale 70mph winds.  SOO now I’m pissed off and my brain wont shut up.

But you wanted to go out!!

Over and over. Today’s intrusive thought.


Buy a bottle of wine or steal that lip balm

My brain is punishing me because it made plans that I had to cancel. It keeps trying to tell me that the weather may change in a few hours (it wont).

I know that this is the perfect example of a time to meditate. I did try earlier. It did help for a short time.

It’s SO ridiculous. It’s torrential outside. I do not want to go out in it. Even if I was without Fable I would not want to venture out in such weather. Why can’t my brain get the memo?

I have even tried to make alternative, safer plans. I have asked a friend if she wants to drive over and go to the soft play place near my house, with our kids.


Several hours later..

I got over it. I started to feel poorly so had a nap with Fable and woke up over it. I’ll go out tomorrow.


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