Recognising my dopamine hits

My favourite time of the day is early morning.  – Except for the days that my anxiety hits me the moment I wake up but thankfully not today.

My Baby Fable is 22 months old. She sleeps in a cot in our bedroom. She co-slept with me and Rob for the first year but made a happy transition to her bedding area which was bittersweet. She was happy to do it. Went on to fall asleep and sleep mostly full nights from the word go. I think it saddened Rob the most. She’s his first baby. He’s everything you could hope for a babydaddy. Patient , adoring and he loved bed-sharing.

I love it too. I have co-slept with 4 out of 5 of my children. Sonny, my  10 yr old who has some with disabilities and autism did not want that level of intrusion on his personal space. I may have them grabbed his older sister Sylvie, who was about 3 , happily trained and sleeping in her big girl bad and snuck her into my bed on several occasions after their Dad and I split. I probably messed up our good rhythms up a bit then because Sylvie went on to sleep with me until she was 9.

At the moment Rob is sleeping in our spare room. I have offered to do some night swaps but he’s happy for me to be in the same room as Fable. Fable wakes early for some milk. Anytime from 5 til 7am.  This morning it was 6am. I get that for her and hide under my duvet for half an hour longer. By then she wants to get out and start her day!

This morning I’m doing some writing so I brought her some brekky and she’s watching a cartoon at the foot of the bed.


All of this combined with the perfect cup of tea I make for myself makes me feel at peace. I feel grounded.

My point is, on my search for dopamine hits, I have never had to look far for my first one of the day. A very cute, happy child crawling all over me and a strong cup of PG Tips when everyone else in the house still asleep = bliss.

(Apologies for bad quality phone camera pics)



3 thoughts on “Recognising my dopamine hits

  1. That’s so adorable, here in India kids continue to sleep in the same bed or same room till they hit puberty, if the kid is of the same sex as the parent they continue sleeping even after that. It’s a part of our culture I guess.

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